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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two Giant Steps

I love it when everything flows easily. Yesterday was one of those days. I drove over the pass to gather food for the week then stopped by Safeway on the way home. Just as I put everything away and settled in to check my emails, the phone rang. I have been working on two different huge projects that I can't talk about and it was a major phone. Had I gone shopping later, I would have missed it. It was intense and I needed to put together some information, so I worked until 12:30 when I forced myself to stop to make lunch. Then, an urgent email arrived needing me to confirm an 11:00 conference call today with the second huge project. It seemed to come all at once. Juggling projects!

I phoned Michael. I phoned my brother. Later, I phoned my sister.

A message came in from Natalie at 1:30. She and the kids were having a late lunch in town and wanted to know if I could join them. I jumped in the car and had a diet root beer while they ate before Winnie's orthodontist appointment. It was great to see them.

By the time Michael got home from work, I was hyper and feeling like I had taken huge strides forward.

He is playing hooky from work today. We have to pick up the car at the mechanic's first thing this morning and I will get back for the 11:00 conference call. I need to be calm and centered and mentally prepared to speak to a group of six professionals.

We'll see how today flows!

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