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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Inner Voice

Well, the best laid plans...

Throughout my life, even when I was a child, I have always listened to my inner voice without question or pause. Yesterday, after driving into the city for my annual chat with the endocrinologist, my car just drove me to the parking garage instead of the valet parking area. I haven't parked in the garage for ages as it is the same cost to valet it but suddenly, I realized I was turning into the garage.

Through the years, I have found a sneaky little hidden away area where there is always a spot available. Never fails. After backing into the perfect space, I made the long walk to the elevator and up to the clinic. Early, of course.

But, the doctor was running an hour late. I texted mom that we would meet for lunch but it may be later than usual. No problem. Finally, the doctor reviewed all my records, ordered thyroid function and bone density tests, told me I am doing very well and I headed back to the car.

Turned the key. Nothing.

I phoned my knight in shining armor. He said it sounded like a battery problem and that it needed a jump. Call AAA. I'm worried that it might need to be towed and am also worried that the height limit of where I was parked was only 6'6". Can a tow truck even get to me? By the sound of my voice, Michael asked if I wanted him to come up to the city to rescue me.


Under an hour later, there he was with a smile on his face. He jumped the car, it started right up and off we went. He went back to work, I drove it straight home before going out to food shop in the other car. Mom? We chatted while I waited to be rescued but had to cancel lunch. We will meet on Monday.

Had I valeted the car, it would have been in a tight space and they probably would demanded that it be towed. Thank you again, little inner voice.

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