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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Fun

Michael is going to sand on a car most of the day. I have been itching to organize several drawers in our bedroom and get some laundry done. But mostly today, I will be thinking about William and Michael's cousin's 17-year old son meeting to talk about being a live sound engineer and watching him work the concert tonight. Makes me smile.

After doing my yard work yesterday, I spent several hours in the back garden, sitting in the shade of the large umbrella while reading my latest book that has become an obsession, "Fall of Giants" by Ken Follett. I am on page 266 of 942 in the first of the three books of the series. I will guarantee that some time will be spent on the swing in the side garden today. With the book. With a glass of iced tea. Sounds just about perfect.

Anna texted yesterday that Doug was healing well from his brain surgery, according to the doctor, and the staples will be removed in a week. They have his pain management under control and he was feeling better. Nicer. Even leaving the house to see a movies and to have lunch.

One side effect of our drought is the proliferation of ants. Lots of ants. Lots of ant hills. They are just trying to find food but driving all of us nuts. I found them inside a covered casserole dish inside a closed cabinet. Someone told me they just found some in their refrigerator. Sneaky little things. They decided to visit our stand of birch trees and suddenly, we have sticky leaves from aphids. Some leaves are now turning yellow and dropping. I worry that the trees may be feeling weaker due to the lack of deep watering but now they are trying to fight off the ants.

Every few years, we have some infestation issue and have stakes to insert into the trunks, which kills whatever was attacking the trees. Within a few days, the tree recovers. Michael is going to insert the stakes this afternoon. We love that stand of birch and I don't want to lose them.

But, it will mostly be a quiet Sunday before a busy week.

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