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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Giving Advice

Doug's brain surgery went as planned yesterday. No complications, though the size of the tumor was larger than expected. It was the size of a tennis ball. Imagine. Wow. Now we all wait to see if there was any damage done to the surrounding area during the surgery. We heard that he was joking in recovery, so that is a good sign. Fingers crossed that he will be out of ICU soon and home within the expected four days in the hospital.

I also spent my time in the hospital yesterday, but for much happier and less scary reasons. Six people sat in a small room and talked about what they would like to see as part of the curriculum of a pulmonary rehab program specifically for people with an ILD. The stories around the table were heartbreaking. Two older men broke down several times, one just lost his wife three months ago and the other was not dealing well with the disease and all the complications. He felt very isolated and alone. I was able to speak with him and offer him some hope. He really needs to hook up with a rehab class near him. I explained that he would be welcomed and not have to explain anything. Everyone in the rooms understands what he is feeling. Social and emotional support.

It was the first time in a long time that I left feeling that we offered good information. Lois, who has been running my rehab for 18-years, gave me all of her packets she hands out and works through during the first eight weeks of the education part of the program. They couldn't believe that she just gave it to them. It was invaluable. It included her phone number and an offer to come and visit our program. As we all left the room, we were given a $50.00 gift card as a thank you for offering advice, wisdom and experience.

It is gorgeous here. It will be in the low 70s here but in the high 80s and above just over the pass. Fog is thick at the moment. By 8:00, I plan to be out in the yards cutting the grass and picking up the gardens before my noon hair appointment in town. A nice day.

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