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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last Day

It is going well in Nashville. They are having such fun and all the relatives are behaving themselves so they were able to attended an event last night and a brunch this morning. That was very good news and I so hope for British Don that fences have been mended and new relationships have begun.

Yesterday flew by for me. Michael phoned and I was even able to talk with Don about the wedding. The gardens were cut and watered, the ironing was done, I did some paperwork, read a bit while on the swing and enjoyed a nap. Before dinner, I turned on the final two episodes of "House of Cards" then began Season 2. Several hours later, I went to bed but didn't sleep well again. It was hot in the house and it is expected to be even hotter today.

My plan is to have a bit of breakfast then a long walk followed by a shower. I will also cook some peppered bacon and deviled eggs for Michael's breakfast in the morning. I need to leave for the airport by 9:30 tonight but the traffic is going to be horrible. It will be frustrating.

But for today, I will try to relax, watch "House of Cards" and the clock waiting for him to be home. Enough.

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