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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rehab Boy News

At the pulmonary rehab class yesterday, they announced it was my 600th class. Yes, 600! That was amazing to hear. What was not good news was something one of my rehab boys told us before the class. Dick is 82-years old and Sherman and I have been worried about him since last October. He seems to be on a steady decline, needing supplemental oxygen 24/7, fighting pneumonia several times, no stamina and weak. He shared with us that the doctor found something in a lower lobe of his lung but, the way it was growing, it did not appear to be cancer. Appear...

He is doing a run of major antibiotics to see if they can reduce the mass, if it is an infection. Fingers crossed. He will be going back for another test in two weeks. If the mass has not reduced, I will guarantee that there will be a biopsy.

We talked about it again yesterday. One of the very first lessons I learned after being diagnosed was that I was not going to worry about something when there was no proof that I needed to worry! All the horrible possibilities. Dick agreed. He said he feels whatever it is, it is. Worrying isn't going to make a difference. He also said that he would not treat it if it was cancer.

I would bet that he has only shared this information with his family, Sherman and me. That is why we meet an hour before rehab class. We talk about a lot of life stuff, recipes and jokes but it is when there is a downturn or problem that we come together and support. When I am sick, I get daily phone calls. They worry about me and it is rather nice. They understand what I am going through more than anyone else. We are walking the same path.

Now is the time Sherman and I will come together for Dick. My gut doesn't feel very good about this as it would explain a lot of his downturns. But, my hope is that it is a longtime infection that can be addressed.

We'll know in two weeks.

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