Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, September 21, 2015

Life Continues

HOME! He is home. It was a long, tourist laden ride over the pass last night and I got to the cell phone lot almost an hour early. It was hot and I sat with my windows down and watched all the other cars leave to pick up their loved ones. Suddenly, it was so late and so many cars had left that there were only about six of us left.

Finally, they landed but they were early and there was a plane in their spot. We all waited. Fifteen long stinkin' minutes later, I got the message that they were at a gate then minutes later that they were ready for pick up at the curb. And there they were. Smiles all around.

Michael talked all the way home and we sat up for a bit. Bedtime happened around midnight and we are up and moving this morning. Barely.

Our next road trip will include a couple of days in Nashville. He loved it there.

It is going to be hot today. It must be driving my mom nuts so we might be heading back to the coastside to give her a break today. It will only be the 70s here on the coast but 90s where mom lives. I'll see if she feels like a road trip or she needs to run errands.

I am tired. I didn't sleep well the entire time he was away. We only had about six hours last night so I will be dragging today. It will be a full week of rehab and working out. My life returns to its normal rhythm.

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