Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Just a Passenger

We had such a nice holiday together after our week away but today feels like we are back to work. Back to life. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! We are also still dealing with having only one car this week. Today will be dicey. Either I meet Lois for coffee and a run down of the January Mozart Festival in Salzburg before rehab class or not. I sent her an email last evening trying to arrange it for today but she misunderstood and thought I was arranging to meet tomorrow. Even if I don't hear from her, I am having Michael drop me off at the coffee shop anyway. It will be an interesting day.

I spent the day with mom yesterday. We talked for hours before lunch, talked through lunch and talked in the parked car on the way up to her apartment. We didn't notice that Michael had beaten us there and was watching and waiting for us from the balcony. He spent time with her before we had to drive the long way home. Holiday traffic to the coastside was bumper to bumper and apparently even worse later in the day.

We watched the entire Grammy show last night. I think that was a first for us. William's group did not win. Again. Most of the performance were...okay but the tribute to David Bowie was the best performance of the night. Lady Gaga is a true artist and she can sing.

My cough sounds like it is from the throat and not a deep cough from the lower lungs. Whatever was causing this last bout, it is fading. It will be interesting to see how my workout today will affect my coughing and saturation rates.

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