Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, February 5, 2016

Mr. Negative

In rehab class, the new guy Don has been opening up a lot and Sherman and I are trying helping him. He was making huge insurance decisions right now and will be officially on Medicare on March 1. It is a scary time. There were so many confusing choices of gap insurance for both medical and medications. He told us that he made his choices yesterday but was still worried about how it all will play out.

Another relatively new guy at rehab, who had a lung transplant, tends to be very negative and vocal. Don was talking about being new to Medicare in a couple of weeks while we were cooling down after exercising when this other guy said, "You better get your oxygen set up before Medicare begins because I went through hell. The oxygen company kept screwing up. I refused to pay. It was horrible." Great. Just when I had Don calmed down. I said, "I have the same oxygen company and I had no problems getting my oxygen." The guy repeated how horrible the experience was. I repeated that I had no problem.

This guy is always negative. Before class even began yesterday, I wanted to stand after sitting for an hour with Sherman. I wandered over to the door of the gym, looked in, there was just one person left before we would be allowed in, Sherman came to join me which made our other friend to join us. Don also joined us. We were talking with our other friend and Don about our diseases, all ILDs, when from across the lobby this negative guys was yelling, "Why are you guys fighting to get in and blocking the door?" We ignored him and continued our conversation. He got louder, we all turned to him and I said, "Don't worry." He was yelling stuff at us again and I repeated, "Don't worry." He was now yelling and I am now saying, "Don't worry" several more times. He finally said, "Well, I'm just a shit disturber." Really? We turned back to each other to continue our conversation.

So, I did my workout without any contact with him until I was outside waiting for my car. He drove by, I smiled and waved. I'll keep trying but this guy is really one negative person. I don't think I can change that.

It was my last day of the class for a week.

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