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Sunday, February 28, 2016

"The Red-Haired Boy"

What a day. I didn't know I still had it in me! It began with several hours cutting the grass and working the gardens. They look clean and trimmed and happy. I even watered all the pots. Afterwards, I drifted off for almost two hours. I would need it.

We wandered next door to Leslie and Joe's house at 5:30. The Irish fiddlers band was due to rehearse before everyone arrived at 6:00 to await the arrival of Joe for a surprise 50th birthday party. Well, we arrived. Leslie's sister and brother-in-law were there. The time ticked away. No band. No Joe.

Apparently, Joe's ex-wife decided their son needed Joe to take them to the emergency room because he had taken some medication and his lip swelled. He is 17-years old. After a lot of tests that determined nothing was wrong and after saying no to the ex-wife's request for them to eat dinner together, he finally got home to the party at 9:00. It really was a surprise.

He loves Irish music like the title of this blog. He loves that his wife took lessons in Ireland to play Irish fiddle music. He loves the group she put together but he was stunned to see and hear my bass. Happy birthday! I must say it made a huge difference to the music. It was fun to play, I was sight-reading, it was not difficult but there was so much more I could do with the music if I had more time. Now, they are begging me to play with them. The next big concert is St. Patrick's Day. Of course. I also heard Michael mention that he used to play guitar and they invited him to join them as well. My goose is cooked.

After we got home, my plucking hand was not used to hours of plucking, I had developed a blister and my hand kept spasming. My toes joined them in a spasm protesting standing for hours in heals. Then, I realized that I hadn't had any dinner but it was late so I went to bed. When I don't eat enough calories in a day, I can't get warm at night. I had four huge blankets piled high and yet I still was shaking. Finally, about 3AM, I settled down and was able to sleep. I am whipped this morning.

I think I have to run over the pass to pick Michael up later this morning. I hope to be awake enough to get there!

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