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Sunday, February 7, 2016

See You in a Week

I am exhausted but so excited for tomorrow. The orchestra concert last night was a bit weird. Gerry and I did fine but the solid, strong players who always perform so well seemed to have problems. Lots of mistakes. The first violins also had issues. What was maddening was that everything was excellent and well played during the dress rehearsal. Problems happened that never showed up in any rehearsal. Mom said she noticed one or two but there were many. We knew. The musicians were looking around at each other like, "Get it together."

Mom arrived earlier in the day with Michael, we chatted, they had cocktail while I made dinner. The Brazilian Coconut Shrimp Stew turned out great and mom loved it. A success! We arrived to the concert venue early so I could get settled in. The place soon filled up. It was a nice sized audience. We drove mom home afterwards then we fell into bed.

Today, we are already planing a nap later this afternoon, probably right when the Super Bowl begins! The to-do list is long, packing needs to happen, we need to meet with Ron to hand over our house keys and instructions and one car will be dropped off over the pass to be worked on while we are gone. We need to have everything ready so when the alarm rings at 3:30AM tomorrow, we just have to climb into our clothes, grab a quick Nespresso and a bit of food then hit the road.

There is no other feeling when we pull out of the driveway and the trip begins. All the problems and doctors and issues are left behind and we both feel total freedom. And, as a big bonus, we get to spend some time with our son. Win-Win.

This is my final blog until next Saturday. Stay healthy. Keep moving and exercising. Eat well. I will be back with stories and photos to share.

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