Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hello Virus!

Memorial Day weekend. A time to pause and to thank those who gave their lives for our freedoms. A time to thank those who fought in wars. I have told the story already about my mom's brother being shot down over German and his body was never recovered. It destroyed her mother. My mom was just a pre-teen and her life changed forever. Just one family's story. Sadly, many live with the death of a loved one in their immediate family. Today is the day to remember them.

This weekend, Michael is not leaving my side. A special weekend! We are working in the gardens today, I am making a special lunch and we will both probably take a nap this afternoon. A slower pace. The weather here is cold and foggy and a bit wet. Good working weather. That is the plan but, knowing him, we will go somewhere for something tomorrow. He gets itchy.

I am really heading downhill. The virus has landed. I began my Coldcalm routine late yesterday and took an Aprodine last night so maybe I can stall or stop this from going into my lungs. Or not.

Anna is going to phone this weekend to discuss their upcoming visit in two weeks. What to do? What to say? I want to go forward with their visit. We have had to cancel it two times and I just want to do it. Michael has already arranged to take two weeks off from work so he can help me and be with them the entire visit. We'll see what unfolds.

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