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Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Perfect Morning Surprise

Let me set the scene. Yesterday, we worked for several hours together doing major trimming in the front yard after I cut the backyard. It was a chore that I cannot do alone. The challenging neighbors next door are gone for the weekend so we took the opportunity to trim back our bushes so they wouldn't hang over into their "space." She tends to poison any plants that grow into their space. Challenging. (Did I mention that there are severe alcohol issues with both of them?)

So, after working and cutting all the large branches into small twigs to fit into the garden recycling container, we were pooped. I was feeling so much better after taking Coldcalm. After a simple fish dinner, I was in bed and asleep by 8:00.

Waking at 6:00 this morning, Michael was already up. Stumbling down the hallway towards the smell of fresh coffee, I was dumbstruck. He not only had made the coffee and set up the living room table for breakfast but he had started a fire in the fireplace. A real fire. Such a surprise. So very sweet.

While I am typing, he is now on the phone with his mom, he has eaten breakfast and soon we will be watching the Formula 1 race from Monaco. A perfect morning.

Our focus today is to practice our speeches for Thursday's Grand Rounds at my university hospital. Maybe we will fight traffic and make it into town for lunch. Or not!

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