Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Just Plain Miserable

It's been a rough night. I slept upright in my chair until around midnight when I eased it back for comfort. The coughing began. The coughing like pneumonia. Worrisome. This morning, my ear is closed again and I can't hear a thing.

I'm a mess.

Great. Just in time to give our big presentation today at my university's Grand Rounds. We will be two of the four featured speakers in a huge auditorium filled with doctors. After a hot shower, we are leaving around 9, meeting the rest of the group at 11 then the hour-long presentation begins at noon.

There is a VERY famous pulmonologist at my hospital who is a hoot. I saw him give a lecture about my disease in the same auditorium we will be in today. Apparently, he will be joining us for lunch after our presentation. I am thrilled and so hope I will be able to hear him!!!

The good news is that I have lost my appetite and I cannot taste a thing. This is not a fun way to lose a couple of pounds! Michael just made some hot compresses to reduce the swelling of my face and maybe open up my ear.

Here we go. Wish us luck.

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