Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, August 3, 2015


We both felt remarkably recovered yesterday and went to work. I hit the grocery store, the garden and the ironing. We sat outside in the garden at the end of the day, had a nice chat and prepared for the week ahead. It will be a medical week for me.

Since a couple of years before I was on prednisone, I have had a bone scan every two years. Today will be number six or seven. I have lost count. Since each machine is different, it is suggested that every scan be taken on the same machine. Thus, I am going to the local hospital for the 9AM scan.

It is easy. I just need to wear nothing with metal, lay down on a bed, put my knees up on a block and chat for about 15-minutes. Painless. Simple. I have a feeling this test will reveal that I have lost some bone density during the last two years. That is scary. If there is too much bone loss, there will be no lung transplants. It is one of the required pre-transplant tests.

After the test, mom and I are ordering some prescription sunglasses for her, having a pair of Michael's glasses repaired, I need to go to AAA to get the tags for his car, my printer ran out of ink so I need to buy all three ink cartridges, then we will be dropping off a car at the mechanic's again after dinner tonight. A full, long day.

I remember back when I began the pulmonary rehab class when I only could do two activities of daily living. Shower/make dinner. Rehab class/ food shop, Two. That was it. Michael used to have to food shop with me. It was too much to push the cart. I was that sick. After months then years of pulmonary rehab, where I built up my muscles and stamina, I added a third activity then a fourth then a fifth then I quit keeping track. I could mostly do what I needed to do with adjustments.

In 2005, there was no way I could do everything that I plan to do today. From a morning shower to running around with mom to making dinner to driving this evening. It would have been way too much and put me down for several days.

As the day ends, I will be grateful for being able to live an active life and will never take it for granted.

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