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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Medical Week Continues

Day 1 of medical week went off without a hitch. The bone scan was easy and fast and I even had a good chat with the technician. We learned five scans ago that we knew a few of the same people in life. My scan numbers looked good but I did lose an inch in height and 15-pounds since my last scan two years ago! I guess good and bad news! I grabbed mom then drove to Costco for her to find and buy prescription sunglasses. After lunch, we hit Office Depot to buy new ink for my printer. Ouch! Expensive!

Day 2 begins today with a visit with Mac for PT on my hip. This week will be the last visit. I guess Medicare only allows so many treatments per year so I want to save some time in case the pain returns. After my appointment with him, I get to visit with Sherman before our rehab class. It should be interesting to see how my weaker arm responds to the free weights, the arm bike and the wall pulley.

Tomorrow will be the roughest medical appointment of the week. Mom has an appointment with her pacemaker cardiologist about 45-minutes away from her home. But, we will be facing rush hour. I will have to leave home at 7AM to make it on time. Coffee. Lots of coffee.

With all the fires in California, we are so lucky that none are near us nor are we smelling any smoke. I feel awful for people with breathing issues who live in those areas. They must be staying indoors with air conditioning blasting.

Michael is just plain handsome. Through the years, I have teased him not to hurt his face. No bumps or cuts or bruises. "Not the face!" I would say as he walked through the door with a scratch or a small pimple. Well, last weekend, he hit his forehead on a dashboard. A gouge. A small gouge but still...

He said the first thing he thought after it happened was, "Not the face!"

It has a nice juicy scab forming and I am making statements like, "Your poor face!" He smiles. He's still handsome but now he will add a dash of ruggedness with a small scar.

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