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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Preparing for the Flu Season

It was so nice and very quiet yesterday. It fogged so heavily that it was too wet to go into the yards. But today, the pots need watering, the laundry needs ironing, the bills need paying and I really need a shower!

Michael went to the birthday party for the 5-year old son of someone from his work, told me that my Barbacoa was a smash hit and he had a great time. I stayed home and discovered "House of Cards." Oh my goodness. Six hours later, I forced myself to turn it off to go to bed. It really is one of the best written series I have ever watched. If I do all my chores today, it will be my treat to watch another chapter.

Very busy week ahead: our anniversary, Michael's birthday, the first orchestra rehearsal of the season, major doctor appointments and tests, coffee with dear friend Lois and finally lunch with my friend Matt from the school where I got sick. So much to do that I am going to focus on the day and prepare for the following day. If I look ahead too far, I feel overwhelmed.

I am feeling good, breathing well though it is very humid here. It is worrisome going into the fall season as it brings colds and flues with it. There are reminders everywhere to wash my hands a lot, use gel in the car after being in stores and staying away from groups of people. Those are my only defenses along with eating well and exercising.

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