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Thursday, August 27, 2015


A lovely quiet day. Another day off. I cooked in the morning after picking up the house. Cauliflower casserole for my breakfasts and little cups of turkey breakfast sausage with an egg and green onions baked to perfection for Michael's breakfast. After lunch, I wandered out into the world for a walk along the ocean cliffs. It was tough. I didn't walk as far as I usual.

I think the week having our son home wore me out a bit.

After getting home, I tried to relax and watched a movie, I drifted off to sleep but just for a few minutes. The phone rang.

I've not blogged about this but does anyone else get several phone calls a day from scammers? Every day. Weekends. Early. Late. We finally put caller ID on the line and we NEVER answer the phone unless we know who it is. Wouldn't you think they would stop? It's the same people! Lots and lots of calls from people trying to sell solar equipment, heating duct cleaning, home repairs and just calling leaving no messages. I have learned to Google the phone number to find out which scammer decided to phone.

The big one is from a man with a thick East Indian accent claiming to be from the IRS and that I am being turned into the magistrate for tax evasion and fraud. He phones about every two weeks and gets more and more threatening. When he got to the one that said that an arrest warrant has been issued, I thought I wouldn't hear from him again. But nooooo, he phoned with an even more threatening message. Even I was a bit scared and I know it is a scam! If I was a person who was new to this country or elderly, I might be fooled by him. By the way, I learned that when you phone him back, you are instructed to get a money order and send it get the idea. Scammer.

Where is our government? Yes, we have been on the Do Not Call list for years. There is a loophole: Anyone can call you from your area.

Shut them down. Please.

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