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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bad Influence!

My son is a very bad influence on me.

I am usually up, dressed and out of the house very early every day. He, on the other hand, sleeps in. Since Michael has to be up and out for work, I like getting up and spending the morning with him but since William has been here, I don't hurry through the house and get dressed after he is out the door. I laze around. That is the bad influence. I will begin to face making the bed, doing the hip stretching exercises and getting dress around 10:00. In my normal life, I am never home at 10:00 let along just getting dressed! Kinda liked it.

Bad influence!!

Around noon, William and I began our day together yesterday. It was foggy and cool as we began our drive down the coast. Tourists were still in bloom. Highway 1 was very busy all the way to Santa Cruz where we found sunshine. We parked in the downtown area and found a fantastic little restaurant where we ate and talked for well over an hour. It was the nicest alone time I have had with my son in years. We hit Safeway on the way home, bought food for dinner and he cooked! I sat and watched! We had dry marinated shrimp cooked in the shell and roasted Mexican corn.

It was such a treat to watch him work effortlessly in my kitchen.

I fell into bed early while he and Michael chatted.

This morning, the two of them are running car errands, dropping by to see people and Michael is going to do just a bit of work. I am going to be doing a quick mow and blow in the yards, watering the pots and making a huge pot of beans. Wayne and Jill are throwing a potluck to welcome their son Evan back from his long trip to Japan. It was sponsored by the local newspaper, he had to answered written questions and pass an oral interview to be chosen to represent the city. He is preparing his speech to the city on several issues as he had interviews with a mayor and other dignitaries while in Japan.

Thus, the beans for the potluck. A pot of sauteed sliced apples, smoked sausage and beans with a brown sugar base. Totally delicious. Totally against my diet so I will just be smelling them all morning.

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