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Monday, August 24, 2015

Final Homemade Dinner

What a scary morning. There is a big crash happening to the stock market. The world markets are a mess. It was a bubble. It went up too far too fast. I know my mom is suffering in front of the TV right now. This will affect her income, as she lives on her stock dividends.

But yesterday, the sun was shining and my boys brought home some 21-day dry aged rib eye steaks for the grill. That along with a fresh tomato and mozzarella with basil salad and grilled trumpet mushrooms made for a fantastic meal together. Did I mention dessert? I made a fruit and cheese pizza - cookie dough crust, cream cheese with a bit of sugar and grand manier, fresh fruit with an apricot jam glaze. We watched the Giant's game and went to bed early.

Today is the last day with William. Michael is going into work while we stay home. William is going to do his laundry and get ready to take off tomorrow morning for work in LA. He is stage managing for the first time ever with the group he was with when they won the Grammy this year.

But tonight, we are going to a local place for fish. Monterey sardines for me. I will try to snag a photo of my guys together though neigher likes their photo taken.

It has been an amazing week with our son. No holidays involved. Nowhere we had to be. Nothing we had to do. Lots of conversations. Lots of smiles. It will be hard to let him go once again.

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