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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Field Trip with the Kids

I swear, Barbara has the best group of kids. They ranged from first grade to 6th grade. They looked out for each other. They were totally engaged in whatever activities presented to them.

Mom didn't go with me on their last field trip to the working ranch and the kids missed her. When we arrived at Barbara's yesterday, three of the sweetest girls where waiting at the door to greet her. How very sweet is that?

We made the long drive north to Berkeley then up high into the hills. What a setting. The unobstructed views of the East Bay, San Francisco, both famous bridges, Mt. Tamalpais then well past Pt. Richmond were breathtaking. The entire Bay Area at our feet.

Inside the science museum, the kids showed us how to play with several of the exhibits in the entry area before going into some of the rooms. Lots to play with. Lots to try. Mom was having a ball. The outside area exhibit was devoted to earthquakes and water flow, also in a stunning setting.

We wandered downstairs where the summer campus were in full gear. Classrooms were filled with smiling, happy, working, thinking, experimenting children. Some of the most fun exhibits were there. Simple games. I was beaten soundly on a couple of them. Totally fun. In the end, an old phone booth (without a telephone) was adored by all the kids. Almost all of them at one time.

The ride home took us further up to the very top of the mountain and through a state park down the back side to a freeway, except it wasn't the direction we wanted to go. But, we stayed on and made our way home by an unexpected route, which turned out to be better than how we had arrived.

Mom commented that it was the funnest field trip ever. I agree.

The kids go back to school in two weeks so this was our last field trip with them for the summer. We look forward to being with them next year!

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