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Friday, October 2, 2015

Interesting Day with a Story

What an odd day it turned out to be. Michael met me for lunch before my rehab class. We had great iced tea and a good chat at a high-end grocery store. Their deli counter was amazing. I had some chicken chutney salad and he had a sausage roll and French potato salad for the grand sum of $12.00.

While waiting for the rehab class to start, Sherman, Richard and I were talking about all the Christmas stuff in the stores already and I was telling them the story of how my dad told us about St. Nick before breaking the "Santa" news. Richard mentioned that he had been to St. Nick's grave. Germany? Europe? Nope, Turkey. He began telling us a fascinating story about traveling in remote Turkey with professors from their largest university. A rather private tour of major sites. He visited the first five Christian churches. They were more like decorated caves but are considered the cradle of Christianity. He asked if I remembered the Ephesians from the gospels? With my Catholic school background, of course. Well, after Jesus' death, Mary was told to go to a safe place. Go home. She was told to go to Ephesus on the Aegean Sea in now Western Turkey, the home of the Ephesians. Richard told us that he was at the very old church, closed off with a fence because it was so fragile, which was the burial spot of Mary per one of the more recent popes in Rome after an investigation. So interesting. I knew none of this. It makes me want to do a little further research.

During the workout, I coughed a bit but my numbers were slightly down but not enough to worry. Afterwards, I did the food shopping and met Michael at home. We hopped back into the car and drove to the city to see British Don. (On the way home, cars were scattered along the road and hoards of people were scrambling to the water to see the massive whales. An entire pod was just off the road.) He gave Michael a new iPhone - a long story - and we went to a friend's new restaurant for dinner. I had wonderful Monterey sardines appetizers! Perfect portion!

It turned into such an unusual and interesting day. This morning, I am not having any coffee or food so I can finally have a fasting blood test to check my cholesterol and thyroid numbers before seeing Mr. B, my nutritionist. After we meet, I am spending the rest of the day with mom.

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