Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Orchestra rehearsal was really fun last night. We ran the entire Dvorak Symphony in G from the beginning straight through the final resolve of the fourth movement. Love the music. It is not often that everyone in the orchestra gets to play the tune once in a while, even the string basses! I almost didn't make the rehearsal. Something got me.

After my long walk in town yesterday, I had lunch and began to make phone calls to prepare for our road trip in two weeks. Suddenly, around 2:30, my bowels began to rumble. Let's just say that by the time I went to rehearsal at 7PM, I was totally empty. I felt like I had lost 20 pounds! What was a bit weird was that a restaurant here in the Bay Area had caused almost 100 people to become ill and they are contagious. I was worried that I may have picked this up at one of the gyms or restaurants. Michael was fine so it was nothing at the house. This morning, I am feeling lighter but fine. Instead of the rehab class, I will be with mom all day for her post-op appointment.

Then, the refrigerator began to give us problems. We watched a video about an issue with the freezer on the bottom units that have water then ice on the floor of the freezer. This was happening to us, we ordered the part to fix it and Michael installed it while I was at the rehearsal last night. We didn't know if we would awaken this morning to water on the kitchen floor or the bottom of the freezer would be dry. Drum roll, please - it was dry. We think he fixed it, savings us hundreds of dollars again.

But wait, we are not finished. He was losing coolant in his Porsche. Puddles in the driveway. After researching the probable cause with the parts guy at the dealership yesterday (they are business friends), he had to buy the entire reservoir and will install it this weekend, saving us at least $1,000 in labor. Another issue resolved. I am so very grateful that he is capable and happy to fix things as soon as we notice that they need our attention.

I do want to mention my pain and the magic of exercise. When I get out of bed, I am pain free but when I walk a bit, the sciatica pain down the back side of my thighs is mild. But within hours, the pain increases. When I walk for around twenty minutes, the pain disappears for the day. Remarkable. It only adds to my resolve to exercise everyday.

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