Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, October 8, 2015


I was walking along the cliffs of the ocean when I noticed a pod of dolphins very close to the shore. We were heading in the same direction. The path swings away from the ocean for a bit then back. I was not sure if I would still see them but there they were. We continued our walk together to the harbor. They played a bit then began to head back, which got me moving as well. I followed them and watched as they continued on their adventure. It was such fun to be stalked by dolphins! Or maybe I was stalking them!

Do you have 100 different passwords? While dealing with Michael's new iPhone, I realized that if I were to die suddenly, he and William would be in a jam. Yesterday, I wrote down all the passwords to everything from our wifi to my Peet's coffee account. Those passwords are now in our locked files in a folder with the safe deposit box key and our wills.

Orchestra rehearsal was last night. We played really well again, I hit all the high notes and felt pretty good afterwards. Michael is taking today off but we won't be together. He has errands and I have the rehab class and food shopping.

Dick, one of my rehab boys, phoned after his doctor appointment to discuss the growth of something in his lungs. He had been on antibiotics for two weeks to see if it was an infection. Well, turned out the growth was on the outside of his lungs and the doctor felt his lungs are not strong enough to withstand a biopsy so, they are going to "take a picture of it." Dick said that if it is cancer, it will appear red in the photo. They are arranging the date for this test. Will keep you informed.

And the Cubs. Hell has frozen over! As a former Chicago girl, I am pulling for them since the Giants are done for the season. Oh, I'm also pulling for the St. Louis Cardinals. And the Mets. The Mets? One of my former students is a pitcher for the Mets. It's still going to be a fun postseason without our Giants.

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