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Friday, October 23, 2015

Going Into the Weekend

Friday. What a week. We have not had a lot of down time, next week is totally booked then we leave for LA. The goal will be to manage my time well so I am not exhausted and end up getting sick. Easier said than done.

At lunch yesterday, mom's eyes teared up when she told me about a funeral request. Dad had recorded her singing THEIR song over an orchestration. The September Song. It is a beautiful recording. Theirs was a love story for 50 years and the song became more and more dear to them as they grew older. Their story is HERE  She told me yesterday the she wanted to have that recording played at her funeral. She was worried about how it would happen as it was on either tape or cassette. I told her that her sound engineering grandson would make it happen. She smiled when she realized that was true. It would happen.

This is the final weekend of the crazy pumpkin patch tourists. We will have a slight reprieve before the Christmas Tree people make their way over the pass to chop down their own trees. I plan to work in the gardens, trim back the four large hydrangeas and an Angel's Trumpet branch is a bit too close to the gutter.

I had no pain at all yesterday. This morning? Sore. I hope walking through Safeway and hauling groceries into the house before meeting mom for her eye doctor appointment with be enough to take the pain away. Sitting is the worst. It seems to bring on the stiffness and pain. If I could only stand up or walk all the time...

It is going to be a long day today.

Happy Friday.

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