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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rehab Update and List of Medications

My rehab boy, Dick had not had the test yet for the diagnosis of the mass that is growing on the outside of his lung. So we wait. But, in the good news department, the head of the pulmonary rehab program told us that her lung cancer tumor had shrunken with the help of nine weeks of a low dosage of chemotherapy. Her liver tumor remains the same, had not grown and they feel it, too, should respond soon.

I worked my brains out in the class, have no pain down the back of my legs this morning and plan to take a long walk. The answer to keep the pain at bay seems to be walking. Another reason to keep moving! The big breakthrough yesterday was that I finally hit my 5-minute goal on the elliptical. The next goal is 10-minutes, which might just kill me!

I thought I would share my list of medications. It is interesting to compare and contrast but also to see all the over the counter vitamins. We as patients must understand what medications we are taking and why. We as patients must also know the important numbers such as our DLCO and lung capacity. Those numbers tell us how we are doing. So, here is my list of Medications:

Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis – Interstitial Lung Disease
Hashimoto’s – Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
Glaucoma – Eye Disease

Atorvastatin  - 20mg. – 1x per day for high cholesterol due to prednisone

Azathioprine – 50mg. – 75 mgs 2x per day – drug for lungs
Boniva – 150 mg.- 1x per month

Cosopt – 2%/0.5% - 1 drop 2x per day for high pressure in eyes

Estrace – 0.01% - use 1 gram vaginally 1x per week for dryness

Ipratropium Bromide Nasal Solution – as needed for runny nose

Levoxyl - .15mg. –1x per day– for treatment of Hashimoto disease

Oxygen – 2 liters at night and exercise
Prednisone – 15 mgs. – 1x per day – for lung disease

Proair – AER 90MCG – 2 puffs a day

SMZ/TMP – 800/160 – 1x three days a week – for Azathioprine side effects

Spironolactone – 50 mgs. – 1x per day – as diuretic because of prednisone

Zioptan - .0015% - 1 drop 1x per day for high pressure in eyes

Calcium – 1500 mgs 1x per day
Cranberry – 12,600 mgs 1x per day
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Fish Oil – 500 mg – 3 in AM, 2 in PM
Hair, Skin and Nails Formula (vitamin supplement) – 1x per day
Lutein – 20 mgs 1x per day - for eyes
Melatonin – 3 mgs – as needed at nighttime
Osteo Bi-Flex – with 5-Loxin - 1 tablet per day
Vitamin D – 2,000 IU 1x per day
Vitamin C – 600 mgs 2x per day
Vitamin E – 400 IU 1x per day
Vitamin K-2 – 50 mcg 1x per day - for bones

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