Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tennis Ball

I hate to whine but my sciatica was the worst ever yesterday morning. Moving my right leg was impossible. It loosened a bit as I made my through my morning chores but Julie, our hairdresser, helped me so much. She had dealt with sciatica, showed me exercises to relieve the pain then told me about the tennis ball treatment. Sitting seems to really make it worse but sitting on a tennis ball right on the pressure point will relieve the pain. So, I quickly bought one, jumped into the car and headed to the rehab class. With a bit of wiggling, I was able to move the tennis ball around the spot and it actually felt really good. By the time I made it to rehab, I had very little pain and it was gone by the time I made it through my workout.

Tennis ball. Who knew?

Rehab boy Dick did not come to class. Sherman and I were very nervous as he told us he would be at the class after a test to determine if he had a cancerous growth on the outside of his lung. I phoned him after I got home, he was asleep but his wife said they had not heard from the doctor yet. Still holding my breath. I so hope it is a benign growth.

During our trip to LA beginning Saturday, it is going to be cooler than expected. All my clothing options have to be changed. We are beginning to lay out everything on William's bed so we don't forget things. 

Blood tests and dermatologist appointment with mom today. Orchestra rehearsal tonight. New music! Always like a new gift to unwrap. Vaughan-Williams' Greensleeves featuring our fantastic harpist and an interesting Selections from West Side Story. Should be fun!

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