Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, October 16, 2015


For years, I never used an inhaler. Ever. Last time I was in the hospital with pneumonia, a respiratory therapist was giving me treatments of albuterol every four hours, even throughout the night. I noticed an improvement in my breathing. Around day two, I asked about the treatments and was told that I had a choice between the RT treatments and using a simple inhaler. Hmmmm. Inhalers never seemed to help with my breathing issues but, I thought I would give it a shot.

Proair. Albuterol sulfate. It helped. After my hospital stay, I asked Dr. K. for a prescription because I really noticed the improvement to my breathing when I used it each morning. It has been a couple of years now.

Yesterday, mom had her eye surgery so I had to be up and out by 7AM. I forgot to take two puffs from my inhaler and one other medication for my ear issues. I struggled all day. My chest felt tight, my sats were lower than usual, I coughed a lot and began to worry that I was getting sick. I did take the Proair when I got home but it took time for me to feel any relief. Before bed last night, I even asked Michael to set up my oxygen and used it to calm the cough.

I worried that the infection I thought I had dodged might have settled into my chest.

This morning, I am breathing really well. No coughing. I am planning to workout at the other rehab after Michael and I visit with mom this morning. I will be hyper-aware of my breathing and note any extensive coughing.

Mom. Her eyelid surgery went as planned yesterday. This morning, I need to pick up some medications for her and a Chai tea from Starbucks. She will be homebound for a few days and, with then entire Bay Area coming to our little town for the Pumpkin Festival this weekend, we won't be able to get to her until Monday.

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