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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ILD Support Group Today

It is gorgeous here. And still very dry. The evenings are cool but the days are HOT! Yesterday, the entire Bay Area was in our little town for the big Pumpkin Weigh-Off (a pumpkin from Oregon won as they have WATER there!!) then more people came looking for relief from the weather and to enjoy the holiday. By the time Michael tried to get home around noon and I left mom's around 2:15, the roads were jammed to a complete standstill. It was ugly. It took over an hour for me to get home, usually a 20 minute drive.

Another beautiful day today. Michael is staying on the coast all day while I am heading to the ILD Support Group in the city to learn about the new oxygen systems on the market. It has been so long since I attended a meeting that I am looking forward to seeing everyone! I hear people were asking about me with questions about local pulmonary rehab classes. I guess I have a reputation for rehab!

Mom and I did a Target run and included Halloween candy in the process. The bag of goodies is hidden in the closet so we won't pick at it! I even bought boxes of candy Boogers for Winnie and Oliver. Disgusting! They will love them!

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