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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Recovering and Enjoying

Very little was accomplished yesterday as I tried to recover from the week. Friday's gig was outstanding, the place was packed, we were loose and playing well while lots of dancing was happening. Michael stayed and enjoyed it all. Even though I was tired Saturday morning, our house was picked up yesterday, the wash was done and put away and dinner was made but that was about it. Oh, a nap did happen!

I am looking forward to a bit of an escape this week. Since I car pool to rehab class with Jeannie, I don't have the opportunity to go over the pass early to do other errands or shopping. On Thursday, I am taking the day off to buy some clothes. I need tops to wear while playing with the Irish Fiddling group. Will be looking for light cotton tops with short sleeves that could flow over a pair of jeans or skirt. It has been so long since I spent time wandering a store all alone.

This week is going to be busy but not a lot of stress. Mom has her shot in her eye tomorrow and an appointment for her Prolia shot on Tuesday. While I am with her, Michael will be home waiting for our new sofa to be delivered. After her appointment, I will race home to switch places with him so he can run his errands, if the sofa has not arrived yet. With mom's Prolia shot and the sofa delivery, there will be no rehab class for me on Tuesday or Thursday!

It is early, we will be watching the British Formula 1 race later today but this morning, we are going over the pass for Michael to give some advise about some car to some guy. That's all I know! The tourist traffic coming home will be horrible so we are leaving very early and coming right back. I am going along just to spend some time with him. Maybe he will even take me to lunch!

In stressful news, the wedding in LA next month (Anna's son, William and Maddy's wedding) had a bit of drama these past few days. The wedding shop where the dress was bought and was being altered went bankrupt. Closed. Sorry. Maddy knew that her dress was with a seamstress being altered and hoped it was out of the store when it was closed. It took two days, Facebook and a lot of work but she just got word from the seamstress that it is in her hands and will be ready for the wedding. Deep sigh of relief!

In better news, our son is finishing up a long summer tour of a lot of festivals and concerts in Europe and will be home this week. There will be a couple of weeks off to wash clothes and run errands before they hit the road here in the US and Canada. With the other big group he has been with for eleven years, they played Madison Square Garden and huge venues. This group is playing the smaller venues of around 3,000 people. He is loving it. As a sound engineer, he can do so much more with the smaller places. We are hoping to see him when they play across the bay.

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