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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Michael to the Rescue!

Today's rehab class should be interesting. I seem to be short of breath and want to see what my saturation numbers are during exercise. I really miss Sherman and Dick in the rehab class. If I hadn't offered to drive Jeannie to the class, I wonder if I would attend as regularly. It is so good for me to work out there and I need to remind myself how important it is to my overall health. It still is not fun like it was with my two rehab boys.

Yesterday, I got my hair cut, picked up some groceries, made phone calls, filled the car's gas tank and made a light dinner. It felt great not to have to be somewhere. The band is back together tonight! We have a rehearsal of the Irish Fiddling group in anticipation of a gig on Friday night.

We were hanging out around 7:00 last night when I got an SOS text from Natalie and the kids. Ethan was not home and they had taken a 2.5 hour walk along the ocean to the harbor. The kids were exhausted and didn't think they could walk back. Michael hopped into the car, picked them up, teased them ("Just tell me if you want to be dropped off here and walk the rest of the way!") before driving them to their parked car at the other end of town.

Chatting with Winnie last time I saw her, she mentioned that she was building a drone from the electronics to the structure itself. She buys the parts on Amazon. So, when I asked what she wanted for her birthday, she mentioned an Amazon card for some parts. We will also be celebrating Oliver's birthday and I will give him an Amazon card, too. They are coming next Wednesday for crescent-wrapped mini hot dogs as appetizers with homemade lemonade from our tree (Oliver's favorites). The main course will be ribs, potatoes, a veggie but there will be two special desserts. Oliver is a major chocolate guy so I am making homemade chocolate pudding. Winnie does not like frosting or cake but mentioned Bananas Foster (ice cream with bananas in caramel sauce) so I think I will give it a try.

Tomorrow is going to be a real challenge. I will be with mom before having to be in the city for my Barium Swallow Test (nasty drive) after she and I shop for Michael's mom's birthday presents. We will be working against massive time deadlines. Lots of stress! Oh, and we have to drop off her Trust and Will to the new attorney. AND, I will be driving home through Friday night rush hour traffic and will be late for the gig in town. By bedtime, I should be exhausted! It will take the weekend to recover!

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