Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, July 3, 2017

Back to Another Crazy Day

It was a perfect weekend to recover from last week. Lots of naps. Early bedtimes. Quiet moments. That all ends this morning. I am leaving for mom's early this morning for her Bone Density appointment at her university hospital. After that test, we have to drive to the other end of the Peninsula to pick up her sunglasses at Costco and I want to pay my AT&T bill. She also needs to FAX her will and trust to her attorney to make a change to her will. It will be another long, frantic day.

What was lovely about the weekend was that I had conversations with Chip and Betty, Christien and  Michael's mom. I also connected with the woman who had been recently diagnosed with an ILD. We spoke for over an hour on the phone and promised to stay in touch. It turns out that she was really at the beginning of her journey, also a teacher and a single parent. She cannot afford to go on disability and was still trying to work. She actually does not have a clear diagnosis at this point and I suggested that she ask for a lung biopsy. After she receives that diagnosis, I suggested that she ask for a second opinion and have the slides sent to my university hospital. Double check. If it is an ILD, she could ask for a referral to their ILD Clinic, join the ILD Support Group and continue her exercise routine as a runner. She would be in the best of hands in this area.

Due to my fractured knee and inability to complete my exercise routines, I just do not feel fit, am losing muscle definition and not breathing well. This weekend, I plotted my return to daily exercise. If I cannot get to the other rehab on Mondays or Fridays, I am going to take short walks along the ocean bluffs and build speed and time. My body really needs to start moving again.

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