Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Party Day

Today is the day. Two birthday celebrations that I missed on their birthdays, Winnie and Oliver will get their special birthday luncheon and treats today! The table is set with presents and flowers. They are due at 10:30.

The Irish Fiddling rehearsal last night was long and I was exhausted. There were lots of discussions about the song lists for the next few concerts, lots of working of transitions and beginnings of songs. It was a good rehearsal. The gig tonight at the brewery begins at 6:30. I so hope to get a long nap in after the luncheon and before the gig or I am going to be in trouble tonight.

I phoned the assistant to the surgeon yesterday and she will be contacting the people for the test of the Barium Swallow that was not included in the testing last Friday. She also advised that others have reported back to her about the other test not available until September or October. As I mentioned that I am in the process for lung transplants and that my lungs are failing because of the acid reflux, she told me to call the lab and mention it and maybe they would be able to get me in sooner. No help from her for the surgeon and I have not heard from Dr. K.

Feeling frustrated.

Sad news in rehab. We received word that Ed died. He had been in rehab for about eight years and it was years ago that we realized that he was present when William was born as he was a partner with our pediatrician. He was a good man and I had been worried about him as he had been absent for about three weeks.

I actually had an excellent workout beginning with a recent record - with my fractured knee - of 2.5 MPH on the treadmill for eleven minutes. It felt great. My numbers were actually pretty good throughout the class. We will see if I can repeat it on Thursday then kick it up again next week.

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