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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Not Happy

It was a rough Friday. Mom and I got our errands done, I bought two sets of pajamas and a lovely robe for Michael's mom and a gift card to be shipped today. The drive into the city was pretty easy and I was ready for the medical test an hour early. After a quick lunch, I sat in the waiting room and ...waited.

I was brought into a room I remembered from the last time I did this test years ago. The lovely tech did an upper swallow test using various measurements and had me drink different liquids. I passed all the tests and was able to watch the X-ray of myself swallowing them all.

What about the hernia? What about the Nissen surgery site? Turns out THE DOCTOR DID NOT WRITE ORDERS FOR THE MORE EXTENSIVE TEST. The major test, the test to look at the hernia and surgery site, DID NOT HAPPEN!

So, let us recap: The surgeon ordered XR Pharynx/Speech Eval W Fluoro and a barium esophagram from one lab and a 24-hour pH Study and esophageal motility study from another lab. The first set was at yesterday's lab but I only had one test. The other set of tests have not been even put onto the calendar after being told they would get in touch with me for a September/October date.

I am frustrated. My lungs are not happy and I am needing extra inhalers. Lots of wheezing and shortness of breath going on.

In the middle of the night, I remembered that the surgeon's assistant, Brenda, gave me her direct phone number and said to call if I had any problems. I will be searching for that number today and will phone her Monday. I am definitely having problems!

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