Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Almost Normal

After wishing my wonderful Mother-In-Law a happy birthday yesterday morning, I climbed back into bed for a few minutes. Well, it turned into 2.5 hours of the best sleep. I must have really needed it! With only the dentist on my schedule, I thought I might have a problem sleeping last night but..nope.

All of the gigs and the past two frantic weeks must have really taken its toll on me. I feel full of energy this morning, have an appointment with our investment company trying to track down some lost stocks before I head over the pass to food shop. Alone.

My knee is no problem but the pain from the gout in my other foot has been difficult until recently. Going to the dentist, I actually wore regular sandals with a small wedge heel for the first time since the fractured knee incident. No pain and no pain this morning.

We also noticed that the horrible, deep coughing whenever I exerted any energy was gone. No more wheezing, too.

I am beginning to feel like I am getting my life back to normal. That means I must kick up the exercise. It will be a workout to buy the groceries, haul them to the car, pack them into the trunk and unload when I get home. Recently, Michael had been with me to help but I think I can do this alone now.

Our neighbor Natalie had two knee replacements about two weeks ago. It was so much more painful than she had anticipated but she is now up and walking and plans to be back at work as a professor in a college RN program in a couple of weeks. I offered to walk the neighborhood with her when her husband was unavailable and we now plan to meet several times this weekend. Good for her and good for me, too! She has been housebound so I am sure she is going to enjoy a chat while we walk.

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