Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


After looking so forward to having a day to myself with no errands other than a bit of shopping for tops to wear for gigs, I found I got bored! It was rather a surprise! I did end up reading most of the afternoon but it was foggy and cold until 4:30 so I didn't sit in the garden.

It was fun to shop by myself, I found two tops for a total of $23.00 (very good sales) but made it home for lunch.

Today, I need to run two errands in town before my dentist appointment this afternoon. That is it. That is all that is on the calendar.

On reflection, I love being with my mom twice a week, rehab classes twice a week, visits to the other gym twice a week and yard work once a week. I love preparing the menus and food shopping each week. I love performing with the orchestra and the Irish Fiddling group. I love my busy life and having this week as almost a time-out makes me realize how full my life is and how I am still functioning well. I may not be able to do everything I used to do. I may not be able to do a few things anymore but I am still plowing ahead and keep trying.

More reflections on Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. It invaded my body late 2002, I was misdiagnosed in 2004, the first appointment at my university hospital clinic was October 2004 and I was finally diagnosed via VAT biopsy on January 12, 2005. I have been fighting everyday since the diagnosis. How? Exercise. I found the more I did in my life, the more I could do in my life. I clawed back by first being able to walk to the mailbox then I added an additional activity of daily living as soon as I could. I pushed myself hard. If it was difficult today, maybe, just maybe, it will be a bit easier tomorrow. Before I knew it, I was being able to food shop alone and haul the groceries into the house. Suddenly, I didn't even have to think about preserving my energy but just did whatever I needed or wanted to do.

Exercise is the answer. Hard, consistent exercise. Join a Pulmonary Rehab class today.

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