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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kid Day

I kept forgetting to get photos of the party yesterday but I did snap a few. Did I remember to take a photo while the kids blew out their candles? Nope. How about playing dueling hoses in the back yard? Sorry. But, here are a few.

Oliver said, "Sorry to tell you mom but her hot dogs in crescent rolls are better than yours!" I gave full credit to Winnie, who did all the hard work of rolling the mini hot dogs into the dough. I think he ate a million of them and was too full for lunch. He kept wandering into the back yard as they don't have a yard. We would find him on the swing just enjoying himself or exploring the hidden garden.

Winnie loved the ribs and we all watched while I made the Bananas Foster, especially when we lit the rum to burn off the alcohol. Oliver loved his chocolate pudding with whipped cream.

After a few hours, they took off and I loaded the dishwasher and pulled the house back together.

Nap time. I think I had about 15-minutes of snoozing before Michael came home. We had the leftover ribs for dinner before playing the Irish Fiddling gig. It was a perfect night, not too busy or loud and we tried out a tweaked set list. We had lots of audience participation with dancing and even singing along. This gentleman asked to sing a Sea Chanty, which was very sweet. I took the photo below just before leaving at 8:45. The crowd had thinned. It was a fun night but I fell into bed and don't remember much after that!

Today, it is rehab class day but nothing else. We will see what kind of energy I have left in me. Hopefully, working out will make my body happy and prepare me for Friday night's gig at a new swanky wine shop. I plan to relax all weekend!

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