Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, July 24, 2017

Working Husband

Michael worked all day yesterday. He continued to hack away at one section of the yards, filled up another two recycling containers, cut the grass then washed three cars. I was exhausted watching him! I watered a bit then went for a walk with our neighbor Natalie on her new knees. She is doing amazingly well but it has not been easy. What is even more shocking is that she is heading back to work in two weeks, with or without canes. It was great to chat and walk and I hung out at her house for a bit afterward. I offered to walk any afternoon during the week, if she wants a walking partner. Back home, I watered the rest of the yard. One day soon, I hope to be able to kneel and weed my flower gardens, which did not get planted with annuals this year.

It was a rough night. Around 12:30AM, I woke up with a start with the name of a person in my rehab class on my brain and a clear feeling that he had just died. When I go to class on Tuesday, I will ask if they have heard from him lately, as he has not been in class in quite some time. I hope I am wrong.

I tossed and turned and tried to settle in until I finally drifted off at 3:30AM. This morning, Mom has an appointment at Costco to replace the little plastic tubing in her hearing aids. While there, I will buy some Peet's coffee beans and vitamins. I guarantee that we will enjoy a lunch somewhere and talk non-stop while together. Such fun.

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