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Friday, July 7, 2017

Frenzy Friday

There is so much to do today that I needed to make a list! Fortunately, I fell into bed last night within minutes of leaving the Irish Fiddling rehearsal and slept really well. Here we go:

Out the door by 7:30 to buy my mom her Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches with Canadian Bacon and Egg Whites as her Safeway has stopped selling it. She wants me to buy four (!) boxes of them.

Drive over the pass to her house.

She always has a jar for me to open or a problem on her computer or something for me to read waiting for me on the kitchen counter. After helping her, we will jump into my car and go to Starbucks for a bit of caffeine to get us through the morning.

We found a local attorney to make changes to her will but the attorney wanted a copy of mom's trust and will. We will travel north on the nasty freeway and drop the copies off at her office on our way further north to the mall.

JC Penney. They will notice the two of us with pressed noses against their doors waiting for them to open at 10:00. The goal is to find fantastic pajamas and a robe for Michael's mom for her birthday. I want to get all of her presents into the mail tomorrow. We only have an hour to get it done.

Back on the freeway south this time and back to mom's for a goodbye. I must be on the road north to the city by noon.

Noon. I will begin the long nasty drive into the city to the hospital for the Barium Swallow Test at 2:00. The test may take an hour or more. I am hoping for only an hour. It will take another hour to drive home but wait! There's more!

The Irish Fiddling gig at the organic market begins at 5:00 with set up at 4:30. It is a two-hour gig. Somewhere in the day, I will need a bit of lunch or something to eat before the gig.

By the time I am home tonight, I expect to be totally spent. Exhausted. It will take the weekend to recover.

Let the fun begin!

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