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Sunday, August 6, 2017

...And a Bit of Dancing

British Don is moving from SF to Oklahoma City in September and Michael has been making sure his Porsche is up for the road trip while he was in Europe. It was ready to be picked up from our house yesterday so Michael brought him home and he was so happy when I served some appetizers and a very light dinner. Home cooked food. Yup. I was able to pull it together, showered and dress for the night's gig and we so enjoyed a couple of hours with him.

Dinner, dishes then I was off to the Irish Fiddling gig in a Wine and Cheese store in town. It is usually an elegant venue, fantastic sound due to the old wooden floors but the town was flooded with tourists all hanging around until the traffic cleared so...the place was packed! And loud! Children were not allowed in half of the store where there was a wine bar but they could hang out with us at the other end of the store. Kids came in and danced! It was so much fun playing for them, the moms were dancing with them while the dads were taking videos. Love when that stuff happens. The whole place cheered for them.

I was tired when we started playing at 6:30 but I was exhausted when we ended at 8:30. Michael packed all my equipment and instrument in the car and we had sugarless Popsicles after we unloaded the car at home before passing out in bed. I slept so well.

Today, we are planning to go to lunch. That's it. I will be napping, too!

The week ahead is going to be a very challenging. I feel like I need to tightening my seat belt and get ready to blast off. I am not quite ready for it, will need to adjust to keep things fluid but I hope it all settles in. It begins simply tomorrow with mom's post-op appointment from her eye surgery. Should be easy enough...let's hope!

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