Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, August 7, 2017

Feeling It

I actually felt pretty good yesterday, considering the late night gigs, medical test drama and our company. As I move around this morning, the past is beginning to catch-up with me. I am really dragging but, there is no time to recover as I need to drive mom to her post-op appointment at the eye clinic mid-morning. Up and out.

With all the changes to our normal schedule, I am a bit concerned that I might get sick before the wedding next Sunday. I have so much to pull together before we hit the road and we will be taking a new portable oxygen system with us, which has a plug for nighttime use and one for the lighter in the car. I hope I don't need it, other than at night.

Tomorrow, I am seeing the nutritionist for the first time since the beginning of the year. After I learned I had a fractured knee and was told not to walk on it, I had to cancel an appointment with him. We finally get to have our check-in together, I feel my weight is the same or maybe even a bit lighter than the last visit. It will be good to see him.

While our neighbors Ron and Susan are in Hawaii, he asked that I pick and enjoy his tomatoes and lettuce and broccoli rabe. But, what really is exciting, is that he has a large area of raspberry bushes with the sweetest berries ever! I will be wandering over there this afternoon and will bring the goodies home for dinner. All organic! Best neighbors ever.

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