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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Two-Steps Forward Kind of Day

During the past month, it has felt that everything I tried to arrange or take care of business-wise just would not fall into place. One step forward, two steps backward. It has been frustrating. Yesterday, I decided to phone the woman who told me a month ago that the test which places a sensor into my stomach for 24-hours to check my acid reflux levels could not be scheduled until September or October. I had asked for both Dr. K. and the surgeon, who ordered the test, to put pressure on her for an appointment. This was suggested by the tech who did my Swallow Test. Neither doctor followed through. Two steps backwards.

I used my very "kind" voice to remind her that we had spoken a month earlier and was wondering if I could schedule the test. She replied that no, they had ordered a new part for one of the machines and no appointments were being scheduled and that, in fact, I probably would not have an appointment until November or December.

Here is what I said is a small, quiet voice, "Oh. Gosh. That must be so frustrating for you. I have an appointment with the Lung Transplant Clinic a week from Thursday and I am going to have to explain to them why I have not had this test yet. My numbers are crashing from the fumes going into my lungs. I sure would hate to need lung transplants because I couldn't get a test."


"Hold a second," she said then returned to the me. "We just had two cancellations. What medications are you taking? Any heart medication? Any PPIs?" I replied no to both, reviewed my list of medications with her and I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT FOR THE TESTS TOMORROW AT 11:00!

I thanked her several times.

Feeling confident, I then phoned the assistant to the surgeon to find out about the other Barium Swallow test and esophageal study that the surgeon forgot to include in his orders. I had not heard anything after talking to her almost a month ago. She told me she would contact the surgeon AND write a reminder to check that he responds this time.

Also about a month ago, I received an email from our new investment firm regarding a problem with a stock I bought many years ago. The company had been bought by another company and I never received the new stock. The past month she has been dealing with their issues including Michael's incorrect SSI number on their records so they would not issue any new stock certificates. Once that got cleared up, they were going to charge a huge fee plus demanded another fee to guarantee our signature and account. My new investment company jumped through all the hoops, we had the original stock certificates so she explained that the fees should not be assessed, conference calls with me to verify that I do indeed exist and she followed every last issue to the end. As of yesterday, it too finally moved forward. The new certificates were included in our portfolio, where they were quickly liquidated. Done.

It was definitely a "two-steps forward" day.

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