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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Just a Check-In

I have now noticed a correlation between the acid reflux and my ability to get a good night's sleep. The past two nights have been rough. Around 12:30, I awaken then just can't get back to sleep until around 4AM. With lots of coffee, I made it through yesterday but I don't think I will be that lucky today. I am feeling tired and could drift off to sleep right now.

But, I have to drive deep into the city to meet with my wonderful nutritionist this morning. Last night, I went through my recipes and lists of what I have cooked for three weeks and will bring them along with me. He loves my easy, low carb, low fat recipes. He will often take a copy of them to share with his other clients who are struggling to find appropriate things to cook.

I can't believe that it has been seven years since he led me through the three months of a liquid diet then helped me with my current low carb, low fat diet. Since my prednisone filled body does not process sugar properly, it is a rather strict diet of protein and non-starchy vegetables. But, it has worked. Currently, I am almost twenty pounds lighter than when I came off the liquid diet. He had warned me that I would probably gain weight when I returned to food but I was determined not to allow that to happen. He never expected me to continue to lose weight.

What do I think keeps me honest? Every week, I actually troll through my recipes, make a list of breakfasts and dinners for the week, make a shopping list, buy the protein at a good butcher shop to get exactly the amount I need and good quality then finally I make sure that there is never any junk in the house. Ever.

He told me at the last meeting that I clearly will not be gaining the weight back as I have been in a good routine for many years. My body is used to this weight but I still want to meet with him every 4-6 months to keep me honest.

Our appointment is like visiting an old friend who helped me when I really needed him.

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