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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Really, Really Sick

I give up. I am really sick. Both eyes were crusted over this morning, pressure is in my lower sinuses, green stuff came out my nose, my ear is dull and ringing, the cough is nasty and I feel awful. How is that for whining?

At 9AM, I am going into town to do the banking then to the doctor to see if she can see me sometime today. If not, I am going grocery shopping before going over the pass to an Immediate Care place for eye drops and antibiotics. I hope. If they won't give me antibiotics, I will have to contact Dr. K.

Sometime and somehow today I will begin antibiotics.

I phoned mom yesterday and she feels so much better after starting on antibiotics last Friday. We have no groceries in the house so if I have to go over the pass, I will hit the butcher and Trader Joe's while there. This afternoon, I need to cook breakfasts for Michael, my lunches and our dinner for tonight.

No rest for the wicked!

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