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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Looking to Retire

All went like clockwork: work out, dentist, bank, cleaning, lunch and Costco for mom's sunglasses. I even had time to take care of some issues on her new tablet. The day just flowed really well. Today, we have an appointment at Social Security to talk about retirement. Michael is probably going to retire the first of 2016 at 63-years old. We are meeting to understand my situation and if there is an increase once I hit 66-years old. Michael wants to see how much he will be paid in 2016 compared to 2017 or 2018.

Afterwards, we will have lunch together. A rare weekday treat.

I got a bill in the mail from my Pulmonary Rehab class yesterday. Ten years and I have never seen a bill as we pay ahead for the classes. For example, I will write a check for $150.00. They will enter into my records that the next ten classes are paid. Once they run out, they tell me they need another check. It was rather a shock to get a bill for $90.00. Just didn't make sense. Soooooo, I phoned the billing department of the huge mothership and they said, "Yup. I see it all but they entered it wrong into the computer. You have to get it straightened out with them. Don't let this go to collections."

Great. Thanks.

So, after our lunch today, I am going to my rehab class in progress to take care of this bill with the staff. I won't work out. It will be too late to do my entire routine. The good news is that my rehab boy Dick is coming back today after being out sick for months. It will be good to see him, if only briefly.

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