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Friday, August 28, 2015

More Eye Doctors

Eye doctors for mom yesterday. Eye doctors for mom today. A subtle difference is that we are going toy shopping after the appointment today. One of the people at Michael's work has invited us to his son's 5th birthday party tomorrow. They are really great people but I have decided not to attend the party. Too many children. Back to school has happened so all the new germs have met each other. It is just not prudent. I am really sad as I love to watch young children think and play. And their energy! Oh my!

Another new drug arrived in the mail yesterday! I am having problems with my ear again (fluid behind the eardrum). Dr. K. prescribed some Flonase. Scary side effects! Not sure how I am going to like this. My poor ear does need some help to recover and she wanted more than just the over the counter Zyrtec.

I found the phone number of an excellent gardener, not just a mow and blow guy. I plan to phone him on the weekend for an estimate of what it will cost per month. Our winters are so mild that nothing grows and I can go a couple weeks without having to do anything but somehow, the messy springs and falls will make up for that downtime. It feels so decadent to even think of having someone do my work, but I fear it is time.

Dr. K. also wrote orders for an echo to see if I have pulmonary hypertension. That test, a fasting blood test and pulmonary function tests will be next Wednesday. A doctor day! It is also the first rehearsal for the orchestra. A very long day!

My two projects are taking up my time and thoughts. Both seem stalled at the moment.

Off I go to mom's for the day. Fun.

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