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Friday, September 18, 2015

Airport Drama

Yesterday morning, we were dressed, packed and ready to take off for the airport, over the pass and about forty minutes away. It was an 11:30 flight, 10:45 check-in and we left at 8:50. Plenty of time.

As we got into the car, I asked Michael several times if he had his wallet and phone. "Are you sure?" Yes, yes, yes.

Traffic was rather light, we got over the pass without being caught behind any big garbage trucks and arrived at the airport at 9:30. As we kissed goodbye, I asked again, "And you're sure you have your wallet" for his ID to fly? He checked. He checked his pants pockets. He checked his jacket pockets. He checked under the seat. He checked the back seat.


He must have left it at home. We had one hour and 15 minutes until he had to get through security and be at the gate. It is a 40-minutes drive to get home from the airport. Do the math. It didn't look good.

I drove. Freeways? 80 MPH. Hit the pass? Trucks. Large trucks slowed us down. Flew up the coast, arrived home 30-minutes later, slammed through the front door. There was the wallet, faced down on the black granite in a place he never places his wallet. He just didn't see it when we left the first time. I grabbed it, reset the alarm, locked up and hit the road. We drove the pass and, again, got stuck behind the trucks. Finally, made it to the freeways where we saw 80 MPH speeds. Michael was texting Don, who was waiting for him. We made it back to the airport 30-minutes later, which gave them 15-minutes to make it through security.

I drove away a wreck. Way too much stress. I drove to the butcher's (very close to the airport) and told my wallet story. Well, it was hilarious to hear all these guys telling me about losing their wallets! It calmed me down and gave me a good laugh as I did a bit of food shopping.

About thirty minutes after I dropped Michael off at the airport, I phoned him. They made it. In fact, American Airlines had a problem and planes had been grounded in Dallas, where they were making their connecting flight to Nashville. Their plane was going to be delayed by 30-minutes. Later, he phoned again from Dallas as they were waiting to make the connecting flight.

The wedding is today. The reception tonight. He is there. I now worry he will lose his wallet and will not be able to fly home!!!

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