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Monday, September 7, 2015

Holiday Weekend

Well, it was a bit more of a challenge than expected. We had a marvelous time being together on the other side of the pass. It was hot over there. Like 90 degrees hot. We headed towards the coastside around 1:30, where it was a cool 75 degrees. It should have taken an hour, but alas.

We wove our way through the hills to our sneaky way up through the massive redwoods then down the other side of the mountain to the ocean. About halfway up the mountain, we stopped. We crawled. It took an hour to reach the stop sign at the top of the mountain. Once we crossed the ridge road, it was a fast downhill all the way.

Going through town, we stopped by the new barber shop to see how they were doing. Business boomed on Saturday but was slower Sunday. As we were talking, people began to drop by for a shave or a haircut. I hope we brought them good luck. It looked fantastic. Very manly, industrial, old-fashioned but fresh and new.

Once home, the new neighbor came by to invite us to dinner on Friday night. Michael made a Cosmo for her while she took a tour of our house and gardens. She and her husband are such nice people. We look forward to having dinner and developing a deeper friendship with them!

Then, I got to work. I had a pile of ironing that needed my attention. We stayed up a bit later than usual and enjoyed the cool breezes blowing through the house.

Today, the gardens need my attention, though I will only do a quick cut and blow. And it needs watering. Other than that, we don't plan to leave the homestead even for lunch. Too many tourists.

There was also another bit of news yesterday. One of the projects I have been working on has been confirmed. It is moving forward. Exciting.

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