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Monday, October 12, 2015

Retirement Week 1

Week one of retirement: About the same as usual for me! Michael has to arrange a project to be towed this morning, then he will be home working on a tiny project for a friend. I, on the other hand, will be out of the house within the hour to work out at the other rehab then I will meet mom for the day. We are going on a Target run and we have a coupon for Mimi's Cafe for lunch.

My thighs. Time to talk about the thighs. They were doing so well for years due to the hours on the treadmill. Since I had to cut back on the speed and time spent on the treadmill due to the injury of my hip, the thighs have lost definition. That is not good. So, today at the other rehab, I am going to kick up the speed to see if it hurts afterwards or tomorrow. If not, I will try do that speed even at the rehab class. Hopefully, I have healed. I think the hip injury was exacerbated by kicking up my exercise routine to eight times a week, which was too much for this old body! Hopefully, my thighs will return soon.

Natalie messaged yesterday that they got an offer for their townhouse but the owner of the house they want would not negotiate with them at all. It was just 200K over what they could afford but that was over the asking price. I guess he thought he could create a bidding war, which didn't happen. Stubborn. Apparently, he doesn't NEED to sell his house. She is going to keep an eye on it and if it has not sold in a month, they will put another bid in. Maybe he will be desperate. Maybe. I hope.

Reminder that I will be going to the ILD Support Group meeting tomorrow to see the latest in oxygen systems. Will report back to you.

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