Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Taking a Fall

We had to laugh. Mom and I have the same, shallow cough that take more coughing to get the goop up and out. She also was not 100%, had little energy and worst of all, took a fall. She was working on some plants near her parking space, she was squatting on the sidewalk level and didn't realize when she move backwards that she ran out of sidewalk! She landed on her butt off the six inch ledge.

She was embarrassed. She hoped no one saw her. Her favorite maintenance guy and another friend immediately came to her aid. She thought she was fine but yesterday, her ribcage hurt. It was a hard landing. A few years ago, she cracked her left pelvis in a fall. She was now worried about her right pelvis. She remembered that it didn't hurt initially but grew overtime.

We are seeing her endocrinologist on Friday. We will tell her about the fall. If mom phones with increased pain between today and Friday, I will make sure she sees a doctor. She felt she didn't need one when we spoke yesterday.

I was not feeling great yesterday and last night was brutal. I was on the couch by 9:30 and coughed throughout the night. Not a lot of sleep. Thankfully, I am staying home today, Michael is coming home early to get a haircut and I just need to make some dinner. I am going to try to nap. My focus is on the colonoscopy on Thursday but I really am looking forward to getting my haircut tomorrow.

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